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KINGOFSNEAKERS Luxury Leather Laces
Made in the USA
100% Leather and fully customizable
Come with Kingofsneakers personalized Metal Aglet
In Finishes Gold - Silver - Black Nickel

Sizes -30 -36" -45" -54" -60" -72"

t shirt heat press transfers-White -Black -Gold -Silver -Rose Gold  
-Bronze -Red -Blue -TAN (RAW)

Made in the USA

Come with Kingofsneakers personalized Metal Aglet
In Finishes Gold - Silver - Black Nickel

Sizes -30 -36" -45" -54" -60" -72"

t shirt heat press transfers-DARK DENIM -JEAN DENIM
SB sneaker laces
Looks exactly like picture. Star charms are adorable, petite, and very delicate looking.
The amount of rubber cushioning doesnt hardly weigh them down, I still can wear them for hours without any discomfort. The lenses have that legendary Costa look and of course seem to make my vision appear more vibrant when I wear them. The polarization is amazing and this is by far my favorite pair of Costas yest
Regardless fit a little bit bigger after few whashes, keep doing good compression. I used it for work an for running as well. It was a good deal for the price paid.
Would buy again
Everything is fine fit good arrived on time. Priced right.
Good gift. Good price
Amazing socks! They breathe, you can't see them with any of my slip on shoes and The Best thing about them is they don't slip off at all! I work at Starbucks and I'm running around for 8 + hours and they didn't slide down into my shoes like other no show socks I've tried.
Very handy , compact and sturdy wallet
I bought this for my husband. Although we both really like it, we thought it was a shirt/jacket combo. Its not. Its jist a thin jacket with the flannel coloring on the inside. If we had realized, we probably would not have bought it but it looks nice and it durable.
Pretty nice! Their great polarized function allow me to see clearly in bright sunlight, with full eye protection from harmful rays.
I LOVE this purse! I thought I would try a smaller cute bag to go out instead of my clunky teacher bag all the time. I was so surprised to find that while it looks small... I can still fit my soda bottle in it and still have room for everything else.

Now Im walking not working with a cute bag instead what felt like a suitcase.

It looks even more stunning in person!
Exactly what I ordered and it was excellent quality.
Waaaay too BIG
I bought this for my boyfriend (he was using a large paperclip as a bill clip). He says it's fine, but he wishes it had a little more card storage.
I Bought these pants for my husband and I had to return them twice because even though his size is a 42, I had to return the size 42 and tried a size 44. The size 44 were still too small, so I finally returned the item for a refund. Not sure if it was because of the fabric (by the way the fabric is a good quality) or style but these pants run much smaller than the size stated.
The product has obvious sewing mistakes around the neck line. So its not something I'd wear other than just workout in or as rugged clothing.
I thought it was a little larger;enough to hold my compact umbrella but it didn't. It is a nice bag overall just not worth $100 in my opinion.
Kinda small for someone with a 55-60cm head. Still goes on though.
I bought this for my husband as he has a larger than average head and it fit perfect. I only wish the strings were removable.
My boyfriend liked them so much that he purchased 6 more pairs in various colors!!!!
It's nice ! I guess I could have ordered a smaller size.
This is a really nice belt, especially for the price, but the color is totally wrong. The image shows a rich, dark brown, but the one I got is a sort of pale tan. I don't mind the one I got, and I'm not going to return it or anything, but my rating would be higher if they had gotten the color right.
I really like my new clutch wallet. All my cards fit, there's a place for everything. I really like the RFID feature knowing my cards info is safe. Thank you.
Good hats, good price, was completely satisfied.
They are getting holes on them now that I have worn and used them a couple times.
30 x 32 waist too small like a 28 and length too long closer to 34
The purse is very nice, though my other one like it had 2 main compartments and a hidden compartment.
Simple comfortable shorts for hanging out in. Seems to be high quality. I really like these.