red introduces ProLum Glow in the Dark Colors
Prolum Glow in the dark paint spray the color and then glow in either a
Aqua glow or a green glow
- Depending on the color they have different charge time. On the
bottom of each bottle you can see the actual color they spray. They
are set up to work in an airbrush but you can also brush them
More color coming in Jan in addition to the colors we currently
have. And will have a video show them in action along with
sample pictures of people using our newest product.
Please shake bottle 2-3 mins till ball rattles to make sure pigment is
unsettled and insure an even spray or brush of color and pigment.
If Spray with an airbrush please make sure to adjust to it widest setting.
And must be a dual action airbrush.  Please clean and lube your airbrush
after every use. As pigment drys quickly leaving a film. Water maybe
added to increase flow of paint. A clear coat maybe added to keep colors
clean.They clean up with soap and water. ProLum colors can be mix with
each other but can not be mixed with other products like paint.
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
Example of @backfistcustoms using ProLum
Aqua Glow Color Sprays Aqua Glows Aqua.
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
porsche design shoes greece
Example of @WeRDesigners using ProLum
Aqua Glow Color Sprays Aqua Glows Aqua.
ORDERS ship with in 4-5
business days after order is
Not including
weekends or holidays

TRACKING is sent to email on
file with Paypal once your order
ships. Yes we ship international
They were a gift, just a bit too big, but he was happy with them
My wife ordered me a pair for father's day because I was looking for a pair of sunglasses for work they are very comfortable and I like the amount of tint on them. However, the lenses started to "delaminate" and get bubbles all around the edges after only a few weeks of wearing them daily. I called customer service and they promptly sent me a new pair, which was awesome, but the second pair did the same exact thing and now I have two pairs of totally useless sunglasses.. time to invest in some Maui Jim's or something.
Good fit, well made
Very nice, useful cell phone purse I purchased for my 12 year old daughter. It has a convenient place to hold a cell phone and the wallet zips open which has enough room for "gift" card slots and cash.
These little watches are great. It says in the instructions to not use any of the buttons while in water so Ive had to tell my kids its probably better to just take them off if youre going in any water. The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars overall is because the little silver hearts inside the watch face can slide off the edge and block the numbers which is a little annoying.
I really love this hoodie not to small not to big I got a small and it fits just right it arrived on time and the quality it good 100% satisfied
Great socks, great price!
Great fit
Very inferior. Was looking for an alternative to Haynes and fruit of the loom because they always get hole between the crotch after about 3 months. However after one wear these are bursting by the seams. Very disappointing.
Initially I thought these were the most amazing sunglasses I'd ever worn. They enhanced colours, light, everything, the effect was amazing! Then one day I was walking down the street wearing my Maui Jim's and looked up at a billboard, and instead of the Coke ad that should be on there it just said "No Independent Thought". Took the glasses off and it was a Coke ad. The next day another billboard had "No Imagination" on it instead of a Geico ad.

Then things started getting really weird. I was watching TV one day and didn't realise that I'd left my Maui Jim's on, and suddenly the President's face was replaced by a humanoid alien with a skull-like face! Later I looked down at a $20 bill and it said "This Is Your God" on it.

There's something wrong with these glasses, I think they're changing the way we see the world. Yesterday two cops, who also had skull-like faces when seen through the Maui Jim's, kept following me around. I'm just a Carpenter, why would the police be interested in me? Shortly afterwards, my neighbour Frank disappeared, haven't seen him since then.

There's just something wrong with these glasses...
The tote is super cute and exactly what I wanted but unfortunately it smelled like mold very musky like it had been stored in a old shed. I am going to wash it and hope the smell comes out. I would return it but it didnt cost that much and dont feel like going though the hassle.
Only shirts my husband will wear
My husband is not crazy about these. The fabric is not soft. The inside of the waistband is the elastic -- it's not covered in fabric. They are a bit blousy, so a pain to tuck into pants. They do look good, though, and the patterns are nice. We won't be purchasing them again. For reference, his favorite underwear is "Tommy Hilfiger Men's 3-Pack Cotton Boxer Brief".
One of the snaps to hold the rim up broke the first time I used the hat.
These earring are NOT sterling silver and description is extremely misleading! It is rhodium plated base metal, which you can only see in the small print description. IT IS NOT SILVER!!!. If you have allergies or live in a humid climate stay away from these, because they will tarnish and give you rashes. A DISHONEST DESCRIPTION OF ITEM. I am very disappointed.
I think the quality for price is excellent. I did find the money clip stiff and hard to use but the wallet suits my needs very well.
Completely satisfied with the handbag. Poor satisfaction with vendor. First time EVER I did not receive a Coach satin keeper bag with a Coach handbag. Not up to the Coach standard for sure.
I carry a lot of cards & this is a perfect wallet
Awesome.... +++++AAAAA+++++
Great feel, holds everything I need, zips securely closed, happy my cards are protected from skimming.
Wow! These socks are wonderful, fit amazing. Way better than other no show socks ive had
shrinks after first wash. wouldnt recommend to put in dryer. air dry. highly recommend but i would get a size bigger
These are great leggings for my 2 year old. I am happy with their quality. They have plenty of stretch to them making it easy for her to dress herself. The colors and designs are perfect for her, the pink ones with the butterflies became an instant favorite. The elastic waistband is comfortable for her and doesnt dig in. I think the thickness of them is great, they look and feel like they will hold up.
Overall we are very with them. They are great quality and comfortable for her. She loves the colors and designs. We think they are comparable to Carters brand leggings that we have tried in the past. I think the price is great for the quality. Thanks for reading this and please do let me know if this is helpful by clicking on the helpful button below, and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures and I will do my best to answer it. Thank you, cheers. Cass
"I love the purse. Perfect size, well made and with lots of space for the necessities. Arrived quickly. Love the fact that it has a wristlet, cross body strap and can be used as a clutch. Perfect for the wedding that I am attending."
I loved it especially that it has all those bags for everything I need .. perfect
Comfy and stands out. Very happy with this