The patent Leather Video also help with prep on Lebrons or plastic like
materials use the SEM Adhesion Promoter
Custom Nike Airmax 1 Blinks - Video showing timeframe and products need to
create a custom using NIkeid
HOW TO PAINT RED OCTOBERS / Solar red Video - This process does require
an airbrush machine to get the best look and finish
Jordan Six Supreme Custom Time Elaspe
Kickstradomis Galaxy Tutorial
This time elapse video at 400x speed shows
prepping Angelus for an airbrush - Filter 2thin   
AlsoTapping off using 2inch tape & xacto knife
This Time elapse video at 300x speed along with audio shows
Jacquard Airbrush Paint - KOS Prolum Colors - Overspray Collection
Galaxy Stencil.
How to quickly tape up using masking tape
Inside of this bag is very cheap material, I returned it b/c I foresaw it tearing easily
It's as described. Very nice, and will be even better after I break it in a little.
went perfect with my dress and shoes
Awesome wallet. Bought this to replace a leather Coach wallet that my husband decided to clean by throwing it through the washer. It arrived very quickly, was wrapped like four different ways, and was a great size. The hubby likes that it has two clear pockets for cards. He even seems to like it better than the way more expensive Coach wallet.
It came in one day, not two. It is a bright silver, which didn't go with the sterling pendant that I originally bought it for, but it is very nice looking and I have lots of other pendants that I can wear on it. It is very pretty and a perfect weight and length for heavier jewelry pieces. The vender included a sheet on how to care for silver, along with some anti-tarnish patches and earring backs. I will be contacting this vender to see if they have any silver chains with a more antique finish.
First, you get a no star rating, The purse is suppose to be brown and you send one that is discolored on the bottom and around the sides and half way up, even the straps are a mess. Purse is awful and ugly. I might have liked it, had it been all one color. I'am extremely disappointed. I will be sending back for a full refund. By the way had to give one star otherwise could not submit. UNHAPPY!!!
Great to over up my balding ashy head
This is a great lounging Blanket/Sweatshirt. Perfect for camping trips and sleeping on a cot.
These are seriously so cute! I love them already. Perfect condition
Great price, and I love the look of this bag, but it is a little "squeaky." Hoping the material relaxes with time and isn't so noisy.
No dislikes ...I thought I would wear it
Awesome and useful product. One of my favorite things purchased on Amazon.
Good socks at a good price. The only issue is that I prefer a little higher sock on the back of the ankle. Otherwise, very happy with them.
I like the length and design of the errings.
Not comfortable at all, ear pieces very sharp, gives headache within minutes of putting on.
Nice looking belt and buckle but it fell apart within two weeks.
VEry thin . Doesnt do the job at all
My granddaughter loves them!
Fit great and Moana what else can you say.
Overall these glasses are a good bang for the buck. However, there are a few cons you may want to consider before buying them.

First, the lenses. The lenses color I chose Light Night is indeed photochromatic, but not all colors for this model are. I suggest checking it on Tifosi website to find if a lens color is photochromatic or not. The negative points on the lenses are that they scratch easily, so you will need to be careful while carrying and storing it I suggest always carrying the bag that comes with it with you. And I feel that dirty, humidity and sweat stick to it easily as well, more than in other cycling glasses I have.

Second, the design. It is lightweight and compact. Initially I liked it, but today I wish I had chosen a model with broader lenses, for an improved field of vision. With these glasses, when you dip your head and look slightly up as you do on a bike there is a line from the frame cutting across your field of vision.

Third the airflow. This is probably the biggest negative point. Because of the compact design, the air passes through the lenses and goes directly into your eyes, bringing together all the sweat from your forehead with it. Because of that, I often need to take them out to dry the sweat from my eyes, which is dangerous to do on the fly. The positive point about the airflow is that the lenses seldom steam up.
Love the hat, it is to big. Exchanging for smaller size.
i have 4 of the lighter jeans...they fit perfect..same size. The darker ones are just a little baggy...enough tha i don't really want to wear them.
i have washed heck out of them on hot along with drying on love.
I lost my first pair that I bought at Bass Pro for $160. I only paid $114 for these. I love them. I ordered another pair in brown :)
This is a well made product. The clips are high quality. I could not ask for more.
Nice little wallet. It holds all my cards and cash. Love the color and the leather smell. Grate piece too!
I would never write a review on something simple like a hat, but this hat is cool and I like the company's story too. I love that this family is from my neck of the woods and they have the same goals I have. I love hats and the outdoors. This hat is perfect.
Great and my boyfriend loved it!!
good quality, a bit pricey
Im incredibly impressed with these glasses. I wear oversized prescription glasses and these fit over mine perfectly. I will be buying more of these.
Bought for Daughter and she loves it and great quality for the price. Fast shipping